Power Optimizer

why the power optimizer?

Why the Power Optimizer

The Power Optimizer™ should be the first energy solution you own. Imagine being able to actually lower the amount of electricity you need to purchase.
  • Reduced Electricity Costs: Averages 8% - 25% reduction with no risk to load application
  • Proven Technology: The Power Optimizer™ features patented, proven technology that is CE Approved
  • Simple Installation: Compact units which are easily installed in parallel with the existing circuit
  • Environmental Benefits: Harmful electromagnetic waves, harmonics and thermal radiation are significantly reduced
So whether you want to lower the energy consumption of your Factory in Asia, your Offices and Shops in Europe, your Hypermarket in South America, or your Shopping Mall in the US, we can engineer and deliver the right Power Optimizerâ„¢ Energy Savings Solution to fit your current and future needs.

In our experience, no other energy effeciency solution will lower your energy bill as much, without reducing the amount of work performed, as the Power Optimizerâ„¢, all while reducing energy consumption, improving the environment and providing you with a cost-effective, no hassle solution.
how it works?
why the power optimizer?
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