Power Optimizer


Use less Power, Lower your Energy Bill, Protect your valuable equipment & Operate more Cost Efficiently

how it works?
why the power optimizer?

With the Power Optimizer™ your actual energy consumption goes down. So not only are you saving money on energy costs, but you actually save electrical energy. Make a positive impact on your utility bill and your environment.

With the Power Optimizer™ you will achieve a sustainable reduction in your energy consumption, an average of 8% - 25%.

Imagine being able to conduct business as usual while operating much more efficiently.

The Power Optimizer™ enables your business to:
  • Reduce your total KwH used while still supplying the correct voltage to the specific workloads
  • Lower your energy consumption an average of 8% - 25% a month
  • Have your electrical systems operate as efficiently and safely as possible
  • Filter out unwanted line noise
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