Power Optimizer


The Power Optimizer™ will produce a minimum of 8% reduction in power consumption for each individual load or combined loaded circuit to which it is PROPERLY sized and installed, and for which K&A has certified the installation, (See Certification Documents).
  • The Power Optimizer™ must be installed in accordance with all applicable National, State, and local electrical codes. It is strongly recommended that the Power Optimizer™ be installed by a licensed qualified electrician.
  • The Power Optimizer™ is delivered with a comprehensive, limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects in labor and materials. Please contact our corporate office for more detailed information.
  • Power Optimizer™ products have passed the K&A CO. LTD strict inspection and quality control and are guaranteed against defective parts or workmanship. K&A, LTD guarantees to repair any defective parts or units free of charge for the first 12 (twelve) months' operation.
  • Important: Copies of product registration and certification documents must be included when making any claims covered by this Guarantee.

Liability Insurance

K & A CO. LTD carries Liability Insurance coverage against any incidental damage to equipment on which Power Optimizer™ is installed if it is proven that the installation of Power Optimizer™ caused such damage. Claims are limited to 100,000,000 KRW (almost 100,000 USD) per instance.

Repairs do not include removal of equipment, travel, and/or shipping expenses but exclusion during duty check 7 days after unit is received.

Performance Guarantee

  1. K&A CO. LTD Power Optimizer™ module units must be protected from either misuse or tampering and must be protected from damage by excessive loads for which they were not intended.
  2. Claims against K&A CO. LTD are not valid in the case where:
    • The defect was caused by either misuse or tampering with the unit
    • Fire, earthquakes, floods, lightning, and abnormal voltage surges occur
    • If no guarantee documents are included with the claim
    • Remaking or by improper installation

  3. Attention:These products are not insured if damaged by loads that are grossly unbalanced, or which experience high voltage spikes (higher than the use of the regular voltage of the products), or when used on a circuit with irregular frequency.
  4. Surrounding temperature of the install location must be greater than -20℃ and less than 45℃. Avoid humidity, corrosion and vibrations.
  5. The wire / leads used when connecting the Power Optimizer™ to the loads must be as flexible as possible and, rated to safely carry 120% of the expected current coming from the load. (See Specification Sheet for Suggested Sizes)
  6. Whenever uninstalling the Power Optimizer™ from an active load, first : TURN OFF ALL CURRENT TO LOAD, Test ALL Connections For Voltage and Current, separate the Power Optimizer™ from the wire leads , and finally remove wires from the load.
  7. All K&A Co. Ltd. products comply with compensation as described by article of MOFE of Korea (Ministry of Finance and Economy Republic of Korea) for injured user.
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