Power Optimizer

how it works ?

How it Works?

We utilize a patented state-of-the-art semiconductor technology paired with cutting-edge industry approved delivery systems to impart a real and sustainable change. The Power Optimizer™ is the first device to impart actual and cumulative improvements on both the current and the circuits which deliver power to the desired load.

At the core of the Power Optimizer™ energy saving device is our patented semiconductor chip. This chip utilizes specific wavelengths of infrared light to stabilize the vibration state of "spinning" electrons.

Stabilizing the electrons, which form electric current actually reduces the heat-emitting and power-robbing collisions that normally occur as the electric current moves from the source to the desired load. Reducing these collisions creates a more efficient electric current.

The Power Optimizer™ works to reduce heat and electrical vibration by stabilizing the current and training the electrons to flow more efficiently. The result is a lengthening of the electric wave and a narrowing of the flow along the center path of the conductor. A more efficient current meeting less resistance along the path of the conductor gets more of the purchased power directly to the workload.
how it works?
why the power optimizer?
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