Power Optimizer

Energy Costs High as Businesses Scramble to Save

Leading California Company Turns to Power Optimizer™ for Savings

The frozen food industry is quite adept at freezing foods, but what about freezing energy prices. California’s LA Cold Storage, one of the nation’s premiere frozen food storage facilities, believes they may have done just that. By volunteering for a test installation of new energy-savings device, K&A’s Power Optimizer™, LA Cold may finally have a handle on this snowballing problem. LA Cold is reporting a reduction of roughly 25% in electrical energy consumed by the unit on which the Power Optimizer™ is installed.

The unit in question is one of six ammonia compressor pumps, the machines LA Cold uses to generate the sub-zero temperatures essential in preserving freshness. “It is really quite simple,” says K&A president Dan Schulman, “by reducing the energy consumption on one of their biggest energy consumers we were able to add tremendous value to their operation.” With energy prices expected to continue to rise through next year, LA Cold Storage’s use of the Power Optimizer™ has put them well ahead of the curve.

California’s LA Cold Storage is one of the nation’s premiere frozen food storage facilities with four locations in the seafood distribution center of Los Angeles and all located within thirty minutes of the two largest ports in America. Their locations and services allow LA Cold to be the warehouse of choice for thousands of frozen food professionals.

The Power Optimizer™ has been installed in hundreds of businesses throughout Asia over the last ten years. The beta-test at California’s LA Cold Storage marks the first installation of the product in North America. Future installations are planned for Eastern Europe, Canada, as well as more installations throughout the rest of the United States in the coming months.
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